Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Options

For customers using credit cards, you have the following shipping options:

  • Pick up a product at one of our three warehouses (Will Call)
  • Ship a product via freight (Ship Truck)
  • Ship a product via UPS (Ship UPS)
  • Drop ship a product to a customer (Drop Ship)

For customers on corporate accounts, you have the same options as credit card customers, plus the following additional shipping options:

  • Add a product to an existing freight order that was placed today (Add To Truck)
  • Add a product to a freight order that will be placed in the future (With Next Truck)

Shipping Rates

Your order total determines your shipping cost.

Order Total Shipping Cost
$0.00 to $15.00 $4.95
$15.01 to $25.00 $6.00
$25.01 to $45.00 $8.00
$45.01 to $65.00 $11.00
$65.01 to $90.00 $14.00
$90.01 to $125.00 $17.00
$125.01 to $200.00 $21.00
$200.01 to $999.99 10% of Order Total
$1,000.00 and up Free Shipping